"To promote the adoption of conservation tillage and other economically viable and environmentally sound agricultural and natural resource management practices through research, education and communication."
Farmers, industry, USDA agencies, State of Georgia agencies, commodity groups, grower associations, and the farm media, pooling resources to help Georgia farmers remain leaders in agriculture, while also protecting vital soil, water, and related natural resources.
...to assist Georgia Farmers. Georgia is the twentieth state to form a conservation tillage alliance. The goal of this alliance, the GCTA, is to directly assist farmers with local conferences on conservation tillage systems and with field demonstrations, tours, and one-on-one consultations.

The GCTA organizes farmer-to-farmer meetings to share knowledge, evaluate conservation tillage methods, implement soil conserving practices, and identify research needs.

Here’s what some Georgia farmers are saying about the GCTA:

“The Alliance enables Georgia farmers to have input into the future of farming as a group. The GCTA will allow us to inform all people about conservation tillage and other farm issues. Conservation tillage is important for the future of farming.”
Murray Gardner, Jefferson County

“To me as a farmer, conservation of the soil and water is the bottom line.”
Lamar Black, Jenkins County

“Good topsoil is your best asset. Crop residue and cover crops means improved topsoil, more organic matter, clean water, and less erosion from rain and wind. Keep your land covered with crop residue and cover crops.
Max Carter, Coffee County

“We farmers need help to achieve the best conservation use of all our resources.”
Billy Sanders, Dooly County
is a partnership of farmers, government agencies, agribusiness, farm organizations and concerned citizens helping farmers get the facts about conservation tillage systems.

Conservation tillage is the most widespread, effective, and economical method for maintaining or improving the natural resource base of Georgia's agriculture. Why? Because conservation tillage involves farmers doing the right thing for themselves, by themselves.

The GCTA is a grass-roots movement, where home-grown ideas, research findings, and information exchange are used to improve and sustain Georgia's agriculture.