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Welcome to the GCTA website! GCTA is your best source for information about conservation tillage. GCTA is a farmer-led, grass roots movement. It is a partnership of farmers, government agencies, agribusiness, farm organizations and concerned citizens helping farmers get the facts about conservation tillage systems. Homegrown good ideas, research findings and information exchange are being used in a united effort to improve and sustain Georgia's agriculture. Timely information is provided to farmers wanting to adopt conservation tillage (no-till, strip-till and mulch-till.)


• Organized in 1993 • Farmer Led
• Developed "Soil Quality Card" for Georgia
• One-on-one consultations
• Farm Tours
• Annual Meetings/Awards
• Training Videos
• Success stories on the Internet
• News Articles
• Helped get Crop Insurance approved
for no-till cotton and peanuts

• Presentations at conferences
• Input on Research needs
• Field Trials
• Calendar of Events
• Exhibits
• Farmer Meetings
• On-Farm Demonstrations
• Speakers Bureau
• Field Days
• Newsletters


Conservation Tillage is beneficial because it...

• Saves soil
• Saves fuel
• Saves time
• Saves labor
• Saves machinery
• Permits timely planting
• Maintains or slightly increases yield
• Is cost-effective
• Increases soil organic matter

• Improves soil quality
• Improves water quality
• Reduces runoff
• Increases soil moisture
• Increases irrigation efficiency
• Improves wildlife habitat
• Meets Farm Bill Requirements
• Helps insure the quality of life for our 
children and our children’s children

To request a GCTA membership application, or to get additional information, email  lblack(at)jeffersonenergy.coop Please note, in order to prevent junk mail, you must copy and paste the email address and remove the (at) and replace it with the symbol @


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